Our journey started as a passion. Photography makes us see the world with a different perspective. Capturing special moments through our lens gives us a remarkable experience – a feeling that cannot be described in words, and the smiles we get when You see the perceived image is inestimable.
Weddings are occasions that are filled with love, joy, fun, laughter; it is a big day, a huge step in the life of two individuals joining to be a couple. Being an important part of this day makes us feel special too. In addition, we get unveiled to a lot of new cultures, traditions and rituals followed in various weddings, each very different and unique like a new tale.
We, at Neethu Photography, showcase such emotions by capturing the small little details, which You would cherish for a lifetime. 
From the moment, we are booked to be part of your journey till the end, we make sure to take care of every detail in this journey with You. The images that we capture and create are always treated with utmost care and respect.

Moving ahead to capture more such priceless memories...
MBA & Engineering graduate, Neetha was working in IT industry for 6 years. However, she has always had a huge interest in photography since childhood and thus, one fine day, she decided to take the big leap into professional photography. It has become her passion to create images for people, that don’t just record the event, but capture the essence and meaning of the moment, that will eventually become a priceless work of art for You.
She is supported by her husband Venky in this journey.
Venky is an engineering graduate, who works for the IT industry. He believes in hard work and dedication and swears by his professional skills. He adds additional flavour to the pictures with his creativity.
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